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The Academy of Scuba, a PADI Five Star Instructor Development Center, is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive Instructor Courses in the industry today.

The Academy of Scuba is a complete solution for all your professional development training. Located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, the Academy of Scuba has two 4000+ square foot training facilities, each with an indoor heated pool, hi tech fully digital classroom, a retail dive shop, on-site compressor system, and a passion to turn out great Scuba instructors.

Your open water instructor training will take place at our Scuba training facilities and at nearby Lake Pleasant (less than 30 minutes from either facility).

Become a Scuba Instructor with the Academy of ScubaThe Academy of Scuba is the best choice for your instructor training! Whether you are just starting on the path to becoming a Scuba professional, or are already a seasoned professional looking to add to your portfolio, the Academy of Scuba has a solution for you. The Academy of Scuba has three Instructor Trainers on staff that can assist in developing your instructor credentials. From Open Water Scuba Instructor to IDC Staff Instructor, we offer the course that you are looking for. Academy of Scuba Instructor Trainers teach over 30 different Scuba specialty instructor courses, Technical Diving Instructor courses, Public Safety Diving Instructor courses, Divers Alert Network Instructor courses, Emergency First Response Instructor courses, and a SeaSigns Underwater Communications Instructor course.

Join the team that not only certifies you to teach Scuba, but also qualifies you as a great Scuba Instructor. At the Academy of Scuba you can take your first step in becoming a professional Scuba Instructor.

Not Just Certified... Qualified

Certified versus qualified is not just a marketing tag-line for the Academy of Scuba. We take training to an advanced level that most dive shops doing the occasional instructor class don’t even think about. If you are heading down the path to become a great Scuba instructor, then starting your career training at the Academy of Scuba is a step in the right direction. We will help you hone your skills to be the best you can be.

Some instructor schools take the short path and train you to pass the Instructor Exam. At the Academy of Scuba, you will learn to be the best possible instructor. Passing the Instructor Exam is the just the beginning of your professional development. Our goal is simple: Create great instructors. If your goals align with us, the Academy of Scuba is your choice.

Reasonable costs, easy accessibility, great weather, and a mission to produce the best divers in the country. The Academy of Scuba is THE choice for your Open Water Scuba Instructor training.

Start living your dream today. Become a Qualified Scuba Instructor!

The Academy of Scuba is a leading Scuba Diver Training Company in Arizona

Tuition: $1,800
IDC eLearning: $330
Dive Theory Online: $115
IDC Crewpack: $833.10


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